Auto Tint

Drive with style and protection when you how to write an article critique choose our company to install auto tint in Houston, TX. Wilson Glass Tint specializes in high-performance window film that grey car with black window tintreduces glare and heat from the sun. Overall, our tinting company [link to Home] offers higher quality and lower prices than our competitors. In addition to installing ceramic window film, we apply tint to headlights as well as taillights on cars, trucks, and SUVs. This gives your lights a smoked appearance, making them blend more seamlessly into the design of your vehicle, especially for vehicles with dark paint. If you’re interested, contact us about pricing options for smoked headlights or taillights.

We carry the best brand of window film—Global Window Film. 3M Authorized Dealer

These tints come with a factory-backed lifetime warranty that ensures they won’t fade to purple.  Choose from:

  • High-Performance 5% Limo Tint
  • Nonreflective 5% Limo Tinttint scale
  • Nonreflective 20% Med Tint
  • Nonreflective 30% Legal Houston, TX, Front Window
  • Nonreflective 35% Legal Houston, TX, Front Window
  • Nonreflective 70% & 85% Virtually Transparent, Light Window Film That Blocks UV Rays


Contact us today to get a great prices on auto film for your car. us best dissertations We proudly serve customers in Houston, Texas.