Commercial Glass Tint

commercial window tinting

Let light inside your building, speech writing services online while shielding employees from the glare and heat of the sun with commercial glass tinting in Houston, TX. Our window tinting company

installs competitively priced film for your business. Turn to Wilson Glass Tint to benefit from energy savings, improved comfort, and increased productivity.

Since 1985, our company has been helping businesses beat the Houston heat with window film installation. Our services cover windows in cars, houses, and business buildings. With our tints, you get our professionalism installation, plus a lifetime warranty. Reach out to us for service.


Why Your Business Building Needs Window Film

As someone responsible for the owning or overseeing the maintenance of a business building, you’re interested in increased efficiencies. With commercial window film installation, you’ll see benefits in a number of key areas of your operation, such as:

  • Reduced Energy Costs – How much of your budget is going to keeping the building cool? That amount decreases with the addition of window tint. The application of tint blocks the sun’s heat, thus lowering the inside temperature and requiring less energy to operate the AC. While preventing infrared reds from warming up the inside during the summer, window film also works to keep the heating from escaping outside during the winter, reducing your heating costs.
  • Decreased Glare – Windows add welcome natural light, but that light creates problems when it causes glare and makes it difficult to see computer screens. An application of window tint lets in light, but stops the glare, allowing employees to work productively.
  • Fading – Everyone enjoys sunshine, but it does take its toll on the office furnishings. Glass alone isn’t enough to safeguard the fabric in furniture, curtains, and carpeting to keep from fading. This also applies to artwork. Window tint allows for filtered light that protects your furnishings.
  • Improved Image & Appearance – Window tint gives your business building an attractive appearance with a fully finished look. This also lets customers and visitors know your building is cool and comfortable inside. Make your operation more welcoming with the addition of window filmcommercial window tint scale

We stand behind the quality of our commercial window film with a factory-backed lifetime warranty. pay to have paper written Find our company to offer you lower prices, higher quality, and longer durability than our competitors’ for installation services at your business building. Call us to schedule service.


Contact us today to find out more about how window film is good for your business. We proudly serve customers in Houston, Texas.